Protect your legacy and your loved ones

You work hard to build financial security for yourself and your loved ones. Now is the time to safeguard that legacy, so your future and the security of your family is protected the way you intend.
Whether you are single, married, or divorced, part of a traditional, nontraditional or blended family, wealthy or of modest means, the estate planning services of Allison Byrd Law, LLC can help you protect the legacy you’ve built and minimize the chances that important decisions will be left to a court to decide.
Along with thorough legal knowledge and advice, you’ll receive excellent client care. Ms. Byrd will listen carefully to your concerns and your circumstances, advise you of the options available, help you make sound decisions, and prepare the documents that will accomplish your goals.

Estate planning services include:

Wills & Trusts
Estate Administration and Probate Services
Financial and Health Care Powers of Attorney
Advance Directives for Health Care
Advice on Beneficiary Designations

Allison Byrd Law, LLC